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Velp steam distillation apparatuses

F30200120 UDK 129 steam distillation apparatus for the determination of Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen,

Velp extraction apparatuses

SA30520201 EXTRACTOR for crude fibre determination 3-site FIWE 3 This unit allows extraction of sugars, proteins, fats, mineral salts,

Cominox autoclaves

They have automatic control of the saturated steam phase, enabling water consumption to be reduced to the minimum necessary and an optimum temperature difference to be achieved between the sides

Laboklav autoclaves

Modern laboratory autoclaves with capacities of 80 l and 135 l. Catalogue: Autoclave_LABOKLAV_SHP_ECO_en

Panasonic autoclaves

Modern vertical laboratory autoclaves with capacities of 50l and 75l.Models MSL-3751L and MLS-3781L. Catalogue: Autoklaw_Panasonic_MLS-3751L_3781L_2016

SMS autoclaves

Modern vertical and horizontal autoclaves with capacities of 60 litres, 80 litres and 100 litres.

Digital burettes continous 25 ml, 50 ml vitlab

Compact design Patented twin piston pump Easy operation Liquid return metering system Adjustable spout tube Large digital display Simple calibration High

Digital burettes titrette 25 ml, 50 ml brand

High accuracy Accurate titration - within error limits for class A Convenient operation Drop-by-drop titration at the touch of a fingertip

POL-EKO APARATURA laboratory refrigerators

Designed for the storage of temperature-sensitive samples, water and wastewater samples collected in the field, chemical reagents and standards, drugs and

POL-EKO APARATURA laboratory heaters

Units equipped with a heater system (no cooling system). They are used to incubate samples under elevated temperature conditions. They maintain the temperature in the range of

FRITSCH sample divider

Each individual sample is of identical chemical and physical properties, splitting to an accuracy of 99.9%. Catalogue: Sample divider_FRITSCH

RETSCH sample divider

The PT 100 is a rotary divider. It divides the sample so that the percentages of the individual fractions after division are identical to the

Photometer 500 D NANOCOLOR

Wavelengths: 345 / 365 / 436 / 470 / 520 / 540 / 585 / 620 / 690 /

Photometer LF 300 SLANDI

Equipped with a microprocessor-controlled electronic measuring system, it guarantees high accuracy, reliability and parameter constancy. Technical parameters Spectral range: infrared

Photometer PF 12 MACHERY-NAGEL

Optics: 7 interference filters, automatically selectable, insensitive to external light, open measurement socket. Wavelengths: 345 / 436 / 470

EUTECH WP Colori photometers

Virtually all photometers allow the use of ready-made analytical tests. Features such as measurement data memory, interface, password protection of settings, functions

Mettler Toledo densitometers

See products -https://www.mt.com/pl/pl/home/products/Laboratory_Analytics_Browse/density-meter.html

POL-EKO APARATURA laboratory incubators

They are used to incubate samples under stable temperature conditions - irrespective of the ambient temperature (maximum range -10...+100°C). POL-EKO APPARATUS CATALOGUE


The microscope camera allows for standard operation using a computer, displaying the image on a TV screen, recording video, saving the image and video on a

MI6 OPTA-TECH camera

Microscope camera with SONY 1/1.8" sensor with a resolution of 3072×2048. Provides excellent white balance and accurate colour recording. It has an integrated adjustment

Laminar chamber ALPINA BIO100-A2

Microbiological safety class II chamber, width 1040 mm Catalogue: Laminar chamber_Alpina-BIO100-A2 

Laminar chamber ALPINA BIO130-A2

Microbiological safety class II chamber, width 1340 mm Catalogue: Laminar chamber_Alpina-BIO130-A2