Sewage neutralizers and separators in the laboratory

Separators to separate sludge from wastewater (sand, clay, gypsum, etc.) with a maximum capacity of 24 l

Separator punktowy

Separators to separate grease and fat from wastewater with a maximum capacity of 10 l


Sewage neutralisers to neutralise small quantities of acidic sludge.


Sewage neutraliser FRIDURIT type C100

The neutraliser is adapted for connection to fume hoods/cupboards and washing stations. It can also be used as an independent unit for neutralising acidic and alkaline sludge.

Acid and alkaline sludge produced as waste from chemical processes can be accumulated and automatically mixed in the neutralisation tank. The maximum capacity of the tank is 100 l.

The neutraliser contains:

  • an electronic control system
  • pump
  • a fully automatic and self-regulating mixer, quickly and reliably neutralising acidic and alkaline effluents.
  • EFFICIENCY: approx. 200 l/h.

Capacity: 200 l/h.

Optionally it can be equipped with an additional intermediate tank with a capacity of 200, 500, 1000 l.

Neutralizator ścieków C100


Waste water neutraliser OXYDAN-NKZ-D

Neutraliser adapted to connect fume hoods/cupboards and washing stations. It can also be used as a stand-alone unit for neutralising acidic and alkaline sludge.

Fully automatic unit equipped with a pump, controller and dosing system.

EFFICIENCY: approx. 600 l/h

Neutralizator ścieków OXYDAN NKZ D


FRIDURIT vapour neutralisers (Series: C54, C75, C90, C180)

Vapour neutralisers for installation directly above the fume hood/cupboard or at the laboratory ventilation duct outlet. They absorb aggressive and toxic gases and vapours, such as perchloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, sulphuric acid, nitric acid and mixtures such as royal water, as soon as they are formed in the fume hood/cupboard. Everything takes place at a very low noise level (53-55 dB).

The operation of the neutraliser is based on the suction of gases and vapours generated in the fume cupboard into the neutralisation chamber via collectors. The suction takes place using a fan integrated with the neutraliser, connected to the outlet collector in the upper part of the device. Inside the chamber, the sucked-in vapours pass through a fine molecular mist produced by a turbine atomiser (German Patent No. P 38 05 445).

The atomiser performs two functions: it lifts the neutralising fluid from the integrated tank in which it is placed and forces the neutralising fluid to pass through micro nozzles in the turbine head, forming a fine molecular mist throughout the chamber. The neutralised substances are thus completely mixed with the neutralising fluid giving the highest degree of absorption efficiency. The absorption efficiency is expressed in the percentage degree of absorption of the various vapours. This degree varies from 90 to 97 %, depending on the factor to be neutralised.

The entire neutralisation process is fully automated and controlled by a control panel. The system operates continuously, ensuring uninterrupted system operation even during automatic refilling of the neutralisation tank.

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