Washing stations, laboratory sinks

Washing stations are a very important part of any laboratory. We make them as separate elements of laboratory furniture or as a part of a long table. All wash-stand tops have a raised rim, which allows for proper protection of both the employee and the installation cabinet against accidental flooding. The basic element of the washing stand is a top and a laboratory sink.

As a standard we produce washing stands from the following materials:

  • top: solid technical ceramics, integrated ceramic edging (all as sintered), ceramic sink
  • top: large-format ceramics, glued edge with ceramic profiles, ceramic sink
  • top, edge and sink of epoxy resin
  • top, edge and sink of polypropylene
  • top, edge and sink of phenolic resin, sink of epoxy resin or other material
  • top, edge and sink made of 0H18N9 steel
  • top, surround and sink in 316L steel

Wash stations may include the following:

  • laboratory fixtures in chemically resistant coatings, steel taps, contact-free and elbow taps,
  • chemically resistant traps,
  • draining board (wall-mounted plugs),
  • eyewash station,
  • installation cabinet.

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